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Seeking Wisdom: Leveraging Expert Interviews for Your Organization

November 15, 20238 min read

Consulting is often seen as the epitome of expertise; a field where specialized knowledge meets strategic implementation. Yet even within this realm of expertise, there are levels of depth that one individual or even a team can't possibly cover. This is where the tool of expert interviews comes into play—a strategy often underutilized, yet incredibly potent when performed correctly.

The Need for a Wider Lens

Consultants are routinely called upon to solve problems that are not just complex but also unique to each organization. While they bring to the table methodologies, frameworks, and an array of analytical tools, these may not always be sufficient. Each industry has its specificities, jargon, best practices, and pitfalls that a generalist may not be familiar with. A consultant's toolbox may be diverse, but it isn't infinitely expansive.

For those precise reasons, stepping outside one's knowledge base and consulting with experts in the field under examination can often spell the difference between a good project outcome and a great one. By opening up to external expertise, consultants enrich their perspectives, validate their assumptions, and most importantly, augment the value delivered to the client.

The Double-Edged Sword of Expertise

However, leaning on external expertise is not without its challenges. The very quality that makes experts valuable—their deep, specialized knowledge—can also make them a difficult source to tap into effectively. Experts can easily lapse into jargon, make assumptions that are opaque to outsiders, and focus on details that may or may not be pertinent to the consulting project at hand.

How to Frame the Conversation

The key to unlocking the value of an expert interview is asking the right questions. Consultants need to walk a fine line between making the most out of the expert's specialized knowledge and ensuring that the information gained can be integrated into the project in a meaningful way. Framing questions that are neither too broad nor too narrow, and that elicit actionable insights, is both an art and a science.

Identifying the Right Experts: The First Crucial Step

Finding the right experts for an interview process is foundational. It's tempting to reach out to the most eminent figure in a field, but prominence doesn't always equate to relevance. Before identifying potential interviewees, consultants must outline what exactly they need to know. This process is often iterative, growing clearer as consultants delve deeper into the project.

Criteria for Selection

A well-selected expert fulfills several criteria:

  1. Relevance: Their expertise should directly apply to the problem you're solving or the industry you're investigating.

  2. Experience: Look for a mix of theoretical understanding and practical experience to get a balanced viewpoint.

  3. Communication Skills: Being an expert doesn't automatically mean one can articulate complex ideas simply. The ability to communicate is critical.

  4. Availability: Experts are often busy people. Consider their availability, both for initial interviews and any follow-up conversations.

  5. Independence: Ensure that the expert doesn't have a conflict of interest which may bias their views.

Leveraging Networks and Platforms

Consulting firms usually have extensive networks they can tap into, but sometimes, the expertise required is so specialized that they have to look elsewhere. Platforms specializing in connecting experts with businesses can be an invaluable resource here. While they come at a cost, the quality and specificity of the expertise accessed can more than justify the expense.

Preparing for the Interview: Doing Your Homework

One of the worst mistakes you can make is going into an expert interview unprepared. You're not just wasting your time; you're wasting the expert's time too. Here's how to prepare effectively:

Background Research

Before you even reach out for an interview, thoroughly research the expert's background. Read their publications, watch their interviews, and understand their core areas of expertise.

Formulating Questions

Once you have a solid grasp of their work, you can start formulating questions. These should be specific enough to benefit from the expert's specialized knowledge but general enough to be relevant to your project.

Setting the Context

Experts may not be familiar with the consulting process or even the specific problem the consultant is trying to solve. Providing a clear context before diving into questions can set the stage for a productive conversation.

The Art of the Interview: Techniques for Effective Communication

Once you've identified the right expert and prepared for the discussion, the next step is to conduct the interview effectively. Although the structure may vary based on the specific needs of your project and the style of the expert involved, there are some universal principles to adhere to.

Building Rapport

The interview should begin with a soft start—some pleasantries and light conversation to build rapport. This is more than mere formality; it sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. If the expert feels comfortable, they're more likely to share candid, insightful opinions.

Navigating the Depth-Breadth Tradeoff

It's tempting to delve deep into the nuances of the expert's domain, but consultants need to remember that the ultimate goal is to collect actionable insights for the project. Striking a balance between depth and breadth is vital. While it's important to dig deep into critical issues, keep an eye on the clock to ensure that you cover the entire scope of your inquiry.

Active Listening and Follow-Up Questions

Active listening is perhaps the most underappreciated skill in the interviewing process. The consultant must not only absorb what is being said but also identify gaps or opportunities for further exploration. Follow-up questions often yield the most valuable insights, as they encourage the expert to think beyond their initial responses.

Recording and Documentation

Ideally, the interview should be recorded, subject to the consent of the expert. This not only ensures accuracy but also allows the consultant to focus on the conversation rather than on taking notes. If recording is not an option, having a dedicated note-taker can be invaluable.

Handling Sensitive Topics

Sometimes, an expert interview might delve into areas that are politically or ethically sensitive. In such cases, consultants should be doubly cautious. Be transparent about the intent of the discussion and avoid pushing the expert into uncomfortable territory. If the expert chooses not to disclose certain information, respect that choice.

From Data to Action: Synthesizing Insights

Having conducted the interview and gathered data, you now sit with a treasure trove of specialized knowledge. The next task is to sift through this wealth of information and extract nuggets that can be applied to your consulting project.

Thematic Analysis

One approach is to conduct a thematic analysis of the conversation. What recurring themes or issues did the expert mention? How do these themes correlate with the challenges or opportunities identified in your project? By aligning themes with project objectives, you lay the groundwork for actionable strategies.

Contradictions and Conflicts

It's crucial to note areas where the expert's insights may contradict existing assumptions or strategies within the consulting project. These contradictions are not roadblocks but rather signposts that point to areas needing deeper scrutiny. They could reveal blind spots in the project or highlight alternative paths that haven't been considered.

Validation and Calibration

In some cases, the expert's input serves as validation for strategies or approaches the consulting team is already considering. This sort of external validation can be immensely reassuring to both the consulting team and the client. It can also offer an opportunity to calibrate existing plans, refining them to better fit the industry landscape.

Integration: The Final Step

The ultimate aim of an expert interview is to enrich the consulting project with targeted insights. The challenge lies in integrating this new information smoothly.

Client Presentation

It's usually a good idea to present findings from expert interviews to the client as part of the consulting deliverable. Not only does this add depth to your recommendations, but it also enhances the credibility of your advice.

Iterative Revision

Consulting is an iterative process. New insights should trigger a revisiting of existing plans and assumptions. Be prepared to go back to the drawing board, adjust models, and reformulate strategies in light of expert input.

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Dos and Don'ts in Interviewing

Like any powerful tool, expert interviews can be both advantageous and risky depending on how they're used. Being aware of common pitfalls can prepare you to navigate around them.

Overreliance on Expert Opinion

It's easy to be so enamored by the insights from an expert that you lean too heavily on their perspective. Remember that the expert is but one source of information and should not replace comprehensive analysis or the diversity of viewpoints that strengthen a consulting project.

Misalignment of Expertise

Another common mistake is engaging an expert whose specialization doesn't align precisely with the project's needs. This often occurs due to inadequate pre-interview vetting or poorly defined project scopes.


As we've emphasized, the quality of the interview depends not just on the expert's knowledge but also on their ability to communicate it. Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings that cloud the real insights you were aiming to capture.

Lack of Follow-Up

Once the interview is done and the insights have been integrated, the relationship with the expert shouldn't necessarily end there. Lack of follow-up is a missed opportunity for deepening understanding or clarifying ambiguous points.

Key Takeaways: Maximizing Value from Expert Interviews

  1. Preparation is Paramount: Understand the expert's work and formulate your questions wisely.

  2. The Right Match: Make sure the expert's specialization aligns with the project's needs.

  3. Effective Communication: Build rapport and engage in active listening during the interview.

  4. Thematic Analysis: Post-interview, look for recurring themes and contradictions to inform your project.

  5. Integration and Iteration: Seamlessly integrate expert insights into your consulting project and be willing to revise existing strategies based on new information.

Expert interviews offer a potent way to deepen the analytical and strategic capabilities of a consulting project. When executed effectively, they can provide nuanced insights that generic data or armchair analysis simply cannot capture. As with any tool, the utility derived from expert interviews is largely dependent on the skill with which they are conducted and integrated into the larger framework of the consulting engagement.

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